30th Anniversary

What We Can Do For You

We offer:

Permanent Placement Searches
Based on an established fee structure, we will evaluate candidates for permanent placement with you.
Temporary to Permanent Conversions
Based on an established assignment period, we will cultivate and provide candidates eligible for permanent placement at the conclusion of their temporary assignment.
Temporary Staffing Assignments
Based on an established hourly fee, we will provide candidates for temporary assignments in an assortment of assignment categories.
Flexible Workforce Solutions
We will design a customized service strategy to support your efforts to efficiently address a fluctuating demand for qualified workers.
Management and Productivity Reporting
We will implement an assortment of customized activity tracking and reporting procedures to assist your efforts to efficiently manage staffing activity, service performance, and financial expenditures.
Professional Employer Services
We can provide our clients with an assortment of professional employer services including, but not limited to, conventional “pay rolling services”, employee leasing, or contract labor management scenarios. We also can provide full Benefit Administration including Health Insurance and 401K, as well as full HR Department support and consultation.
Transportation Services
In an effort to ensure the punctuality of larger groups of assigned flexible workers, Delta Staffing will coordinate the transportation of employees to and from your work site.
Strategic Staffing/On Site Solutions
The Delta management team can design and implement custom tailored Strategic Staffing Solutions to not only support your daily staffing requirements, but also can assist in the tracking and management of overall activity, training, orientation, and productivity of our population of assigned employees with one of our experienced “On Site Performance Managers.”

Substantial Cost Savings

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, each full time employee costs the company an added 38% in “hidden” expenses on and above their salary. In addition, the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services research shows that another 10 to 30% is spent on the recruiting and hiring of each employee.

Using Delta Staffing for all your staffing needs can substantially lower these hidden and extra staffing costs. Why not see how Delta’s award winning service can help your company increase productivity, lower labor costs, and improve profitability?

Contact us today to discuss your current or future staffing needs.